Monday, December 21, 2009

What Is It With December?

Last December my health care provide ran the wrong test and incorrectly told me I'd reached PCRU (the best you can hope for with CML on Gleevec). We didn't find out till 3 months later at our next appointment.

This December they forgot to run the test entirely. I waited two and a half weeks before calling them for results. When I got a hold of my hematologist's nurse she said that they hadn't drawn the blood for the PCR test. I could come in and have it done when I had time or "just wait till next time".

Are you fucking kidding me? "Next time" is three months away. That'll be six months since my last PCR test.

So I'll be heading in Tuesday morning (tomorrow) for another blood draw so they can run my PCR test.

Tis the season I suppose....