Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back In Action

I'm back at work as of yesterday. My company has very generously held my position while I was out. I'm lucky to work for such good folks. This should be a good change, I definitely need some structure in my life. A regular routine will do me good. I'm also hoping that some activity and socialization will help reduce the fatigue. Luckily my job has no set hours so I don't get too many frowns when I walk in at 11am. By next week I hope to have adjusted and be in at a regular time.

On a touchy feely note, the hardest part about going back to work has been leaving Cancer Dog at home by himself all day. After 5 months of non-stop, daily contact, I feel a little guilty leaving him alone and honestly, I miss him a little bit. I never thought I'd get so attached to an animal.

As things begin to return to normal for me I'm constantly reminded of how easily they can go awry. Sadly, Dawn passed away last week due to complications from her bone marrow transplant. She fought quite a battle and my heart goes out to Mike and her family.

I've also been talking with a young woman from Washington for a few months who was diagnosed with CML in the fall of 2008. She was doing well on Gleevec until they found leukemia cells in her Central Nervous System a couple of weeks ago. Gleevec doesn't work when the cancer invades the CNS. Consequently, she has been switched to Sprycel and will go through 3 rounds of radiation over the next month to kill the rogue cells. I'd never heard of CML invading the Central Nervous System. Apparently, that's why the doctor always asks me if I'm getting more headaches than usual.

These kinds of things remind me not to get complacent about my treatment and that it's important to continue supporting the causes that make that treatment possible.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on being able to go back to work and I hope it goes well for you.

I had no idea CML could move into the CNS, one more thing to worry about. At least it's rare. I hope the new treatment works for your friend.

Denise in Santa Clara

Kelly said...

Woo hoo! Matt you're such a rockstar!

You and Leu will adapt to the new routine. I know how hard it can be to leave a puppy home alone though.

Wendy must be so excited for you!

Love from Colorado! said...

We have the perfect companion(s) for Leu.. one hyper ball chasing canine or a slow but sweet blonde canine AND one very needy cat! Here in Mo-town, we have "Camp Bow-Wow" for dogs; you get pixs of what they did each day and journal of how their day went; I'm surprised how successful it is!

Just wanted to say how thankful we are for you being able to return to work, there is good in everyday; love to you both, Janet & Richard

Anonymous said...

Glad you are able to return to some kind of "normal" routine. Congrats on your return to work! I am sure you and your "cancer dog" will adjust soon! It has to be hard after so much time off. My heart goes out to Dawn as well. I always followed her blog and am so sad for her and her family.

Hang in there!

C-in the D.C. area

Ani Deswandikar said...

Congrats Dude!

Really happy for you. Have been following your blog and it has been quite an enlightenment for me with all the complications and treatments around Cancer.

All the very best to you and your family.

How old is "cancer dog" ?


Carmen said...

Hi Matt,

My name is Carmen. I'm 32 and was diagnosed with CML in July 08. I stumbled upon Dawn's blog, which was heart breaking and from there, linked to yours. I just wanted to say thanks for writing the blog and I'll be reading. I'm on a study and taking Tasigna (Nilotinib) and have had very few side effects thus far (hair loss, rash). Anyways, just wanted to say hello, thanks and good luck.

Matt said...


Sorry to hear that you were diagnosed. I'm interested to hear how you do on Tasigna and why you aren't on Gleevec. The LLS boards are great if you haven't found them yet. I'm "lycono" over there. Best of luck!