Friday, February 20, 2009

New Swag!

I created a couple of new t-shirts this month for Wendy, myself and a friend. You can see the new collection here. I wanted a shirt with my blog title in it and also wanted to give a shirt to Yanni when she visited. Her's is humorously R rated, so children beware. It's safe for work but not safe for those that are underage. (I've sprinkled more colorful language around this blog before, but just in case....)

Just so you know, I've put a $4 markup on each t-shirt. All proceeds will go directly to South Bay Team In Training.

I'm currently looking for a service that will print license plate frames that say "Save A Life" on top and "" on the bottom. I'd love to stop advertising the dealership where I bought my truck and put that space to good use. More later when I get that worked out.

(As a side note, I'm done with cafepress, the service I was using to make t-shirts. They have some bogus restrictions that I couldn't get around without paying them money. I found another service called Printfection that's a lot more lenient and doesn't want to appropriate my hard earned money for no apparent reason.)

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