Thursday, March 12, 2009

Public Speaking

I had the privilege of sharing my cancer story with the South Bay Team In Training group tonight at Los Gatos High School. I am an "honoree" this season. Honorees help connect the Team In Training participants to the cause that they are supporting. There are a handful of us that work with the South Bay group for the spring season.

Tonight after they finished running we gathered in front of the school and I spent about 5 minutes explaining how they had helped change the way that my cancer is treated. Before Gleevec I would have had a 4-5 year life expectancy and gone through chemo and radiation, along with a bone marrow transplant. With Gleevec I take a pill once a day. Though there are side effects that are bothersome, they are nothing in comparison to what my life would be like without it.

I'm not a terribly good speaker and I was actually a little nervous so I hope that my thank you to them came across as sincere and they have some small insight into how Team In Training has directly affected my life.

I really enjoy hanging out with the participants and leaders of Team In Training. Everyone is so enthusiastic and supportive. I can't wait till this fall when I attempt to actually run with them!


Martin Ng said...

Good job Matt! I think anyone that has to do public speaking feels like their blood hates them - you have a better reason than most :)

Well done, I'm sure they loved you.

Love from Colorado! said...

Wish I could have heard your speech, I'm sure it was from the heart and very meaningful. Hope "Leu" keeps you guys busy for another week while you wait.. Maybe a shamrock celebration, perhaps another cupcake! Strength and love to you and Wendy, love you always, Janet and Richard

Anonymous said...

Excellent Matt! Courage comes in lots of forms, I think! And, if I could walk a half marathon 4 months after diagnosis, I bet you can too! Are you thinking of doing the Nike event in San Francisco? It is incredible...I'm going to do it again this year.

Anyways, take care, glad you are still feeling better and I hope the new results come back quickly and with good news!