Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Feel free to officially break out the champagne (or sparkling wine) to celebrate. I received a copy of my PCR results from the March 3 visit to Stanford and it says (and I quote) ">3 log reduction". And this time it says "CML" too. I checked with Dr. Coutre and he concurs that this means I've achieved a "major molecular response".

This means that there has been at least a 3 log reduction in the number of leukemic cells in my body but that they are still detectable. The next (and last level) of response would be a "complete molecular response" which means that no leukemic cells were detectable with a PCR test (you might also hear this called "PCRU" or "PCR Undetectable"). Obviously this has nothing to do with charity but I don't need an excuse to pass along good news... so there.

In other news Wendy and I have been trying to become more involved with the trainees for this season of Team In Training. We attended a pool tournament fund raiser where I took 3rd place! We had a great afternoon talking with Mark who put on the event. My personal thanks to Shoreline Billiards in Mountain View, CA for their generous donation of 5 tables. This Saturday we're attending the Team In Training "Honoree Picnic". This is an opportunity for the trainees to get to know the honorees and mingle. It should be fun.

If you're within range of the venerable KGO Talk Radio (my favorite talk radio station along with NPR) they are having their annual Leukemia and Lymphoma Cure-A-Thon April 3 and 4. All the money goes to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Consider listening in and maybe donating a little something.

Bring on Spring!


Daria said...

That is wonderful news ... yes celebrate life!

I'm just new to your blog and have just recently started following it.

All the best to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

Fantastic news! Congratulations...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to sign my name, Beth

hockeychic said...

This is great news, glad you got the official word this time!

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Matt, Congrats. I know how you feel. Who would have thought that mere numbers (at least those not preceded by $ sign) could make one that joyful. I am a 7 year survivor of a leukemia with a median survival of 7 months, a 4 year survivor of an all transplant. I just started my own blogging community. Please stop by sometime. Dennis