Monday, December 21, 2009

What Is It With December?

Last December my health care provide ran the wrong test and incorrectly told me I'd reached PCRU (the best you can hope for with CML on Gleevec). We didn't find out till 3 months later at our next appointment.

This December they forgot to run the test entirely. I waited two and a half weeks before calling them for results. When I got a hold of my hematologist's nurse she said that they hadn't drawn the blood for the PCR test. I could come in and have it done when I had time or "just wait till next time".

Are you fucking kidding me? "Next time" is three months away. That'll be six months since my last PCR test.

So I'll be heading in Tuesday morning (tomorrow) for another blood draw so they can run my PCR test.

Tis the season I suppose....


the moore family said...

What a mess! My ONC did the same thing with my PCR test - then 3 months later they told me their "oops." Big FRIGGIN' oops! Good luck, Matt!

Anonymous said...

Matt I hope they (the medical establishment)learn from this, they surely know how we hang on these results. Could you do a follow up call immediately following a visit to verify they are doing what's needed and have the material/sample needed?
Love You M & D

Annie - Steven's mom said...

aaaaaaaarggggggggh- Oh boy - talk about kicking the blood pressure into high gear! Wow. We had this happen once with Steven and then switched to getting the PCR done through OHSU.

We get the kit sent to us, his blood gets drawn and then he overnights the sample back to OHSU - works just great this way and is all covered too!

It's rough enough dealing with cml - I just know you and yours just don't need this happening.

Thinking of you guys so often.
love and light

hockeychic said...

This is terrible! Do they not realize what this does to the patient? I am so sorry. Hope that all is going well for you and sending you best wishes.

Linda said...

Matt, This big friggin' oops really angers me....there is no excuse for such an over site. I learned a long time ago you just can't rely on the medical community getting "it" right and that the only person looking out for you is "YOU"!! The hospital even missed Jenille's PKU test...they called me after I got home from the hospital saying "you need to bring her back in"! I could go on with some other "biggies" but i won't bore you. My best to you and Wendy!!!!Love Linda & George