Friday, July 11, 2008

Cancer Dog

Neither of us has been to work all week. We're both very down. We alternate between numbness and sadness. We've both cried a lot.

Wednesday we went back to the doctor for a D&C. Wendy did great and her doctor was very thorough in explaining the procedure to us. The nurse that tended to Wendy in recovery was one of the nicest ladies I've met in a hospital.

The uncertainty of how or whether we'll be able to get pregnant again is weighing very heavily on our minds. I can't stop thinking about it. How long will I need to be off the Gleevec? Will we need to conceive using alternative methods? Neither of our health insurance coverage will pay anything for fertility treatments. Will we be able to afford to get pregnant again?

So we adopted a dog. We got him yesterday from the Monterey County SPCA. He's a 6 month old terrier mix, just north of ankle biter and quite a bit south of full size dog. He'll only grow to be about 20 pounds. He's very cute and make us very happy.

We've named him Leu (pronounced "Loo"), for leukemia. I bought him an orange collar and leash. He likes to play frisbee (though he can't catch it yet) and snuggle. He's pretty much the perfect dog right now. Other nicknames include "Power Dog", "Cowboy", and "Cancer Dog".

We feel lucky to have found him, and right now we'll take whatever luck we can get.

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