Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Something Positive

I think things have been pretty negative lately. Sometimes it's hard to remember the good things. On the profound advice of my mother to "think positive" here are some things that are positive in my life:
  1. I love my beautiful wife.
  2. My beautiful wife loves me.
  3. My family loves us.
  4. Wendy's family loves us.
  5. We're both successful.
  6. We've been boating this summer.
  7. My brothers are also my friends.
  8. Our dog is pretty cool.
  9. My boss has been more than understanding with the amount of work I've missed.
  10. I've received sympathy cards in the mail. I love mail.
  11. My health insurance is paying for my treatment.
  12. We still have options.
  13. We have good friends.
  14. We like the town where we live.
  15. Things could be much worse.
  16. We have a beautiful back yard.
  17. It's not 10 years ago when Gleevec didn't exist.
Bob Ropp, a longtime family friend, married Wendy and I on June 24, 2006. He and his wife used to babysit my brothers and I when we were very young. Wendy and I scripted the entire ceremony ourselves except for a section where Bob could inject whatever words he felt appropriate. This is what he said:

It doesn't matter where you go in life...
What you do...
Or how much you have...
It's who you have beside you.

Wendy and I have always thought that was the most thoughtful and touching part of the entire day. As a wedding present he gave us the same saying painted on canvas under a red heart. It hangs in our bedroom where I see it every time I wake up or fall asleep.

The most positive thing of all is who I have beside me. I couldn't do this without you Wendy. I love you very much and I promise to grow as old and wrinkly as I can with you.

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