Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting Out Of Dodge

Wendy and I have decided to take a break and drive out to Colorado to see her family for a week. We need a change of scenery. Early tomorrow morning we'll pack up the car, load the dog and head out.

We've arranged to take Monday's blood test at Montrose Memorial Hospital to see how my white cell count is doing. We got an order from Dr. Cohen that we'll fax out to my mother-in-law who has kindly offered to set things up for us. If my neutrophil count has risen back above 1000, I'll start back on the medication.

Since my neutrophil count is so low right now, I'm supposed to avoid people with infections, colds or the flu. Unfortunately, as of last night, this means my mother-in-law. We're hoping that hand sanitizer and possibly a hospital mask will do the trick. Hopefully we won't have to stay elsewhere while we're there (or worse, kick her out of her house...).

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