Monday, June 2, 2008

A Good Test

This morning we went to Salinas for Wendy to have an ultrasound. She was roughly 6 weeks pregnant and since she had miscarried in March around 5 weeks her doctor wanted to check things out to see how pregnancy was progressing this time.

The first miscarriage had been very hard on us. We had been trying for almost a year to get pregnant and were so happy when we found out. We bought books, we browsed furniture, we followed the development of the fetus week by week in the Pregnancy Bible. When Wendy miscarried it was as if the universe had kicked us in the teeth out of spite. When she got pregnant again, we were cautiously optimistic. The odds favored a normal, healthy pregnancy this time. Regardless, we were very scared at what we would see during the procedure.

The nurse was very personable and joked with us. I think she could tell we were nervous. She took the "magic wand" and fished around till - lo and behold - I could see my child! She worked the instrument around a little more and I caught my breath as I could make out the heartbeat. My child's heartbeat. Our child's heartbeat. We both held hands and cried a little at how incredible this was. The nurse did some measuring on the monitor and finally printed out our first baby pictures. We left the office with grins from ear to ear, happy that we would finally be parents.

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