Sunday, June 29, 2008

Music and a Wedding

Friday night we went to Berkeley for the Robert Plant and Allison Krauss "Raising Sand" concert. It was a great show although the weather was a little nippy and foggy. On the way to the show my doctor's office called and told me the complete biopsy results had come in. I was positive for the Philadelphia Chromosome. That result meant that there was really no hope now that this was anything other than cml. I think I had been holding out for this last result with a little bit of optimism.

That night we stayed in Pleasonton before heading to Long Barn on Saturday for Wendy's friend Colleen's wedding. The weather was great and the ceremony as well as the reception were very nice.

Unfortunately I was having a bad day. I was extremely tired, my sinuses were filled up and I was a little "out of it". I would get lightheaded very easily and had a difficult time focusing. We left the reception early and headed to our hotel in Sonora where I promptly fell asleep around 9pm.

Today I felt the same. We managed breakfast in downtown Sonora before Wendy drove us back to Morgan Hill while I slept in the passenger seat.

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