Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Benevolent Insurance?

I was visited by a Registered Nurse this morning. She works for my insurance company in a program for patients with complex medical treatment needs. When she first called me last week I didn't return her call because I figured it was an insurance company employee whose goal was to somehow reduce my benefits.

I figured it would work something like a car insurance adjuster. If you get in an accident they interview you, look at your vehicle and then try to find any loophole that eliminates their need to actually pay you.

My paranoia turned out to be for naught. She was a very nice lady who took my medical history and made sure that my medical needs were being met with my current treatment. She had done a fair amount of research on my condition and even brought some websites to my attention that I hadn't yet found.

She says she'll be calling me about once a week to check in and make sure everything is okay. I must say, I'm a little surprised by this serendipitous benefit from my insurance company.

On a separate note, I've had two good days in a row with fatigue and back pain being the only real issues. It feels as if I've worked a full day digging ditches almost every day now. Advil helps when I can take it. I'm worried about it's effect on my liver if I take too much though (like a normal dose).

I tried 15 minutes of yoga yesterday and it kicked my butt. I can't believe some of the positions they consider "beginner". In one, I'm supposed to put my head on my shin with my legs stretched out straight. I can barely get my hands there.


Anonymous said...

Nightcrawler and Batman feel your pain.

buckmonster said...

Steve's insurance company did the same thing. A special nurse was assigned to his case, under Regence blue shield, and she called him on the phone and had a ton of specific information for him and was very helpful. She'll be reviewing his claims and making sure he gets the care he needs. Hopefully it is to the benefit of the patient, like it should be.