Monday, August 11, 2008

A Good Day

Today is the first day I've felt "normal" in over a week. No bone pain, no nausea, no vertigo, and I actually felt energetic (I didn't get out of bed till 11am, but we'll let that slide for now). It was fantastic!

I went to work today and actually did some work. This evening Wendy, Leu and I walked downtown and enjoyed the wonderful weather and tasty salmon tacos on the patio at Rosy's on the Beach.

Tomorrow morning it's off to Stanford. I need a checkup to see how my blood is doing now that I'm back on the Gleevec.

In addition to my own personally fabulous day, I found a news article about research being done in Australia that has made some advances in targeted therapies for blood cancers. I love science... :-)

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