Friday, August 29, 2008

On the DL

I've submitted my paperwork for disability to the State of California's EDD office. This means (as long as my claim is not denied) that I'm officially on disability as of mid August.

With the place my head has been in along with the chronic fatigue, nausea and pain, I haven't been able to work full time for quite a while now. In addition, unless I'm having a really good day, I'm still hesitant to get behind the wheel of a car due to the vertigo and dizziness that I'm still experiencing.

I wanted to work part time but the state doesn't make it easy to do that while receiving disability payments. So, I'm off work full time.

In addition my co-workers have been informed that I'm taking a leave of absence due to a "chronic medical condition" (I love euphemisms). Letting the cat out of the bag is good, so to speak, since I think most people at work had begun to suspect that I had decided to leave the company for another job. I've no intention of doing that. Hopefully I'll be back to work in the near future.

One of my aunts made the trek down to our little hick town and took me to lunch today. We had bbq at my current favorite, the Trail Dust here in town. She also brought homemade lasagna and salad with her that Wendy and I could heat later for dinner. It was DELICIOUS.

I can't express how grateful I am for all the thoughtful gestures that have been made by my friends and family. It's comforting to know that they are there for me when I need them.

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Greetings Big Guy! Your uncle Richard sent me your blog and although I'm sorry to hear the news, I know that you will be just fine. "You must believe that" I live just down the road from you, so if you need anything, don't hesitate! (mow your lawn, restring your guitar, Trail Dust delivery; you name it!)
signed, your Gilroy buddy,Phil Vargas